The legal process and the drafting of each project must respect observe all current regulations (Technical Building Code, municipal regulations, heritage guidelines, among others) and must also meet the requirements of the most demanding and exclusive clientele.

In Alabern, before and prior to the development of any project, we investigate the characteristics of the land or site (gradient of the ground, soil depth, water table, etc …) as well as any details that may cause inconveniences.


Real Estate Management

We are experts in legal, technical, financial and construction work. Alabern has more than 30 years of experience in planning and urban planning consultancy.

Our experience as developers is the asset we are most proud of. We can advise you and resolve any doubts on the urban regulations affecting your property in Mallorca. We have an extensive experience in the delivery of projects – that is the best guarantee that Alabern can offer.

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Our mission

To avoid unforeseen events and plan the perfect project.

Property Consultants

As consultants, we collaborate with the regional and municipal administrations of Mallorca. We offer you our experience with public entities, urban planning departments, housing departments, zoning departments. We provide services to individuals and companies that need any construction project or urban planning, as well as financial entities that need support to develop land.

Most urban planning consultants lack our experience. Alabern offers urban consulting with the perspective of a company that has gained extensive experience in construction in Mallorca.